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Frequently Asked Questions ~ Interior design & Home Staging

In today's economy, frugality is FINALLY in fashion!  It is imperative for you to spend your interior design money wisely!  You May NEED a Certified Redesign Interior Designer / Home Staging Specialist IF you…

  • Have contacted and/or worked with an Interior Decorator or Interior Designer in Bloomington, Normal, or throughout Central Illinois who didn't understand what you wanted.
  • Need help with the arrangement or placement of your furniture and accessories!
  • Know how you want your room(s) to feel, but can't really see the big picture of how it should look!
  • Have other commitments and priorities before coordinating and/or shopping for home decor items!
  • Don't know where or how to save money on interior decorating.
  • Are tired of buying furniture and accessories that don’t pull everything together….. You need a plan!
  • Are very creative but don't have an idea how to overcome your current decorating dilemma!
  • Didn't know that a home’s interior could produce feelings!
  • Are planning to build a new home and are overwhelmed by choosing styles, fixtures, or colors!
  • Need some creative interior decorator solutions to get the look you want on the budget that you have!
  • Feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done.  You need an energetic organizer/interior decorator in central Illinois to help!
  • Want someone else to handle the stresses of arranging, coordinating, and completing your rooms!
  • Want a consistent color scheme that can be incorporated throughout your home!
  • Know you have pretty good taste, but would like your home to reflect your style!
  • Passionately collect photos but can’t seem to duplicate the look in your own home – besides, YOU have a budget!
  • Have tried to decorate your spaces and purchased items but don’t know how to create a design flow!
  • Know what you want but don't feel confident enough to start investing in your decorating choices!
  • Are tired of rearranging and moving your stuff and want something different, something fresh!
  • Know what “home” feels like - but you’re not sure how to translate that feeling!
  • Want your home to reflect your individuality AND your character!
  • Aren't sure about the look you really want for your home. What is a look??
  • Want to save money on your  redesign/preparing your home for sale projects!