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Home Staging Client Testimonials


We hired Lyn when we were trying to sell our home in IL. My husband's new job took us to South Carolina.Our home did not see immediately and Lyn was recommended by our realtor to come help stage our home. It was extremely difficult to be living in South Carolina with our home still on the market in IL. Here is where Lyn came in. She handled virtually every aspect of getting that house in order and staging to sell. When I first saw my home after Lyn had completed staging it, I didn't want to sell it. It looked terrific. I couldn't imagine who wouldn't want to buy the home after seeing it. But, above and beyond that, she looked over the house during the long winter, packed up a majority of what was left in the house and had it ready for the movers. Then when the home finally did sell, she came every day while we were back and stayed "literally" until the last box was put on the moving van. I honestly don't know how we could have done this without her. The extras included hauling things to goodwill, advertising and selling things through Craiglist and her own garage sale, providing needed boxes and just overall uplifting my morale through a very tough time. I would hire Lyn again in a heartbeat. Throughout this all, Lyn and I have become good friends. I'm hopeful she'll come visit us in our hew home." 
 Sally Brooks Hershberge


"Thanks for your help in preparing and staging our home for market. Ken and I were impressed with your decorating ideas, and believe the ambiance you created hastened the sale of our home.  You were very professional and courteous. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again!"  Ken & Marti DuLac  

“Lyn has a gift for continuous improvement in her life and for those she serves in her vision for a home, knowledge to stage a home, and networking in the community.”   
Joe Moon


 "The time you spent staging our home was very valuable and eye-opening!  It motivated me and my house sold!  We were very comfortable with the great suggestions you made and your services are very positive! ~Heather & Dan M.


HI Lyn - Just wanted to let you know that the house has sold. The money we spent having you give us ideas to make the house more appealing to sellers paid off well. Home Staging does make a difference!  We got our full asking price and had people leaving their name if these buyers backed out. At the moving sale last weekend we were told repeatedly what a lovely home we have. Many of our friends were in awe of what a different look we achieved just using things I already had around the house. Feel free to have anyone contact me if you need a reference from a satisfied customer. We have lived here for 30 years and in just 20 minutes you moved that family room furniture around so that it looked twice as big and created a good traffic flow.  Again, thanks for all your help. If you ever get to south Florida, let me know. I would love to have you go through the condo also.  Nancy & Rick Leverenz (now travelling the world & following dreams!)


Lyn - I wanted to let you know that we sold our house today.  We listed it Tuesday night and we had three people come out today and the first one bought it, so we'll be moving to Bloomington.  We'll have to contact you when we get there, so you can help me make our new house look great!  Angie & Dave Cantrell (formerly of Streator)


Lyn, I just wanted to let you know that my house sold.  Basically in 2 days on the market (but officially in 9 days).  Listed Thursday at noon and offer was in and done by Saturday late afternoon.  Had to wait for an appraisal before we could consider it all a done deal - but that went through fine.  Thanks again for coming out and working with us.  It helped reassure some of my previous thoughts, add some new ones and make sure I was focusing on the most important things first.  Thanks again,  Chris Shine


Lyn,   ..........." I want to let the public know who you are. What you do and give a testimonial from our past experience. For example after we staged are listings the homes sold within 2 weeks. I can think of four homes that that happened with, airport rd , 1501Broadcreek, the house in Oakwoods and the house at 45 Holder Way"...........Thanks,   Becky Gannaway Gerig, REALTOR®, GRI, CRS, ABR, COLDWELL BANKER/HEART OF AMERICA REALTORS®


Wanted to give you a quick heads up that we received an official offer with Earnest money last night. It’s still contingent on the sale of their home. We’re headed to Phoenix today to house hunt.  UPDATE…. Good news - our house was on contract contingent on the family selling theirs and they have sold their house!  yeah!   Thank you for all your help.    Randi & Charlie Maas (Formerly of Bloomington)


We hired Lyn at Fresh Impressions to stage our home. It was an amazing experience. She gave us a list of things to do to prepare our home as well as offering several creative services at a great price. She did a finish over some stubborn wall paper border. You couldn't tell there was even wall paper there. When she brought the items in to stage our home, wow, it didn't look like our home. It was amazing. She said that a home you live in looks different then a home you want to sell. You want it to look like the people coming through could picture themselves in the home. We put it on the market in May and had an offer in June. The people who bought our home said they could picture their things in the home. We would definitely use Lyn again, too bad we moved 28 hours away!  Randi Maas


 Lyn, It was a pleasure meeting you!  Thank you so much for all your professional advice.  We got an offer on the house last Friday!  Things are falling into place and we're looking forward to starting a new chapter in our lives in Texas. Take care and wishing you continued good fortune in your business.  Suzanne Baldwin (Formerly of Bloomington)


Lyn was a true professional at every step in our organizations staging project. The two homes she staged showed so well, the buyers wanted to purchase the furniture with the house.  Memuna Lee – Mid Central Community Action


 Lyn was so fun to work with while getting our home staged to go on the market. She's a hard worker and has a great eye for staging. She knows where to find deals so you don't have to spend a fortune to get your home ready to sell.  Michelle Clemons


I felt a lot was pointed out from the staging consultation that I never thought of or noticed. I loved all the great ideas! I thought Lyn gave great insight as to what the buyer would see walking through.  I loved everything and know that even though I may not be able to do everything, it all really does need to be done.  This was the fifth time the house had been on the market.  There was a lot to do on the Task List from Lyn, but we worked on it every night and accomplished it all PLUS SOME in about 10-14 days.  I actually felt so much more prepared to move in general. A great sense of freedom from a lot of “things” I don’t even want anymore. It was so nice knowing the house is SO clean and ready to show at anytime   It has truly been a fun experience! It has really opened my eyes as to what other people see.   HOME SOLD !  Karen & Tom Oshinski – formerly of Bloomington

"Lyn, I want to let the public know who you are. What you do and give a testimonial from our past experience. For example after we staged are listings the homes sold within 2 weeks. I can think of four homes that that happened with, airport rd , 1501Broadcreek, the house in Oakwoods and the house at  45 Holder Way !  Thanks," Becky Gerig, COLDWELL BANKER/HEART OF  AMERICA REALTORS®  GRI, CRS, ABR  (309) 664-3535


"You helped us identify items that were personal and needed to be removed in staging our house for sale.  It also taught us how to open up the space.  We were very comfortable with your suggestions and you gave us a detached 3rd party view of our home and helped us to sse changes that needed to be made.  You showed us the difference in living in a home and selling a house.  We would definitely recommend you to anyone selling their home, especially in today's market, take advantage of this type of service.  ~  Mike & Di


I have known Lyn Westhoff for several years. She has shown her talents and expertise in all areas of staging and ability to please her clients. She is an extraordinary individual and portrays great faith. I would & have recommended her to anyone I know.  Bev Edgerton, Realtor 

Home Redesign Client Testimonials


Lyn, it feels wonderful to be at home; I find and know the meaning of all the objects around me at home.  Starting from the walls down, you interpreted my feelings and design ideas and put a redesign plan in place. I am now calm and at ease when I return home each night. My home is a place for me to relax...this is what I wanted in my redesign.  Being open as you are, I felt comfortable telling you what I didn't appeal to my tastes. I was open to try all your suggestions and rule out those that I did not care for.   By choosing the wall colors first, the time went quickly and the details could be added. The timing was satisfactory.   Thank you for a job well done!”  ~ Greg Malek, Pontiac

"Lyn helped me get a great deal of my boxes emptied from a move & dispose of them, getting organized in a very short period of time.  She definitely took away the stress of the redesign that I wouldn't have my house in better order by the holidays.  She was so sweet and supportive" ~Myrna L


Heartland Community Church Elders / Prayer Team:   Thanks for your creativity for turning the Prayer Station into a place of worship (Roger Pryor).  Thank you for the great way you decorated the Prayer Station to make it a welcoming place.  I love the Prayer Station – it’s beautiful!  Thank you for the hard work!  (Larry & Jan Brinkman)  Thank you for using your gifts to beautify the Prayer Station – It looks GREAT ! (Barb Lee).  It’s great !  Job very well done – Thank you !  (Jerry L).


You gave me new color options and I appreciate that.  Jane & Woody

Hi Lyn.  So it totally hit me today that I completely forgot to email surprise there! So sorry about that.  Anyways, I really appreciate you doing my room and I love it so much.  The comfy sac thing will be here either this week or next week so I'm happy about that.  The UFC logo is perfect! All of my friends love it and are super jealous with everything.  Thanks for everything you did!.....and also the free tv stand!  - Jeremy G.


Lyn – I am so excited about the redesign plan you have started me on.  I already bought paint and supplies!  You have been great to work with so far.  I love your vision for my house, and I can’t wait to see when it’s done.  Thanks again!  A. Wetzel


Lyn, my husband is home and he LOVES what we've done with the basement redesign!!!   The basement is getting rave reviews from my stepsons as well as my mother-in-law.  I cannot wait for Lane to get home on Tuesday evening and see it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hard work, great ideas, and a new friendship.  We will be working together again soon....I promise you that.  I can't wait for the first weekend in mid January when everyone is gone and I can just enjoy sitting and reading and listening to music in my new sanctuary!  You really get a feel for what's important to your client so that the suggestions you make have a relevance the client can easily identify with.  I love that!  The rooms you have done are sanctuaries to those you created them for......the redesigned basement for me and Kate's bedroom redesign for her. I am probably most pleased that the redesign projects are a reflection of the people you created them for.  Deb Aldred


My entire home is almost completely redecorated / redesigned ! -- I could not have done it on my own.  I was comfortable with the interior design / redesign suggestions and felt comfortable enough to reject those I did not like.  You worked, and continue to work, with me to complete each project as time and money permit.  Projects were completed in a timely manner.  Deborah R.


Lyn offers wonderful ideas and solutions that I would never have thought of!  I was absolutely comfortable with her suggestions ….and she is not overly insistent.  I had no idea where to even begin redesigning my sunroom and family room – so thank you!  Debby Funk


The time we spent together was valuable and the information was comprehensive. The designer was flexible and open to questions. The suggestions were personalized to specifics that I had indicated.  The services provided absolutely helped to alleviate the stress of my interior designing needs. I felt more confident about final design decisions because the advisor gave input based on my priorities and likes/dislikes. I have received many compliments on the color selection from my friends & family and am pleased with the project overall.   Tonya Richmond 


Lyn, here’s an update on the warehouse bathroom. Everybody loves it so much- they said it seems so much brighter in there now. We couldn’t drill screws into the wall because it is concrete, so we had to submit a work order for our maintenance person to hang the mirror and the self, etc. because he has the proper tools to do it w/out messing up the wall around the hole w/cracks, etc. So, I’ll let you know as soon as he’s got those items up so you can do your “after” photos.    Sabrina Burkiewicz


Lyn, I wanted to thank you again for letting us know about National Clutter Awareness Week, as a result, we wrote a press release, issued it yesterday and WMBD came out to the Bloomington store and did a story about it.  Thanks again! Sabrina Burkiewicz


 Lyn, I just want to thank you for the time you put in to help us decide on the color scheme for the church. I enjoyed working with you and appreciated how you were able to visualize the different colors and how they worked together. It was so helpful that you wrote it all out in detail and drew sketches so there was no question about how to proceed. The makeover has made a huge difference in the entire atmosphere in the church. Many people have commented about how much they love the new colors and how much warmer it feels. I would have no problem recommending you to anyone. Thank you for all your help.  Blessings, Paula Reich, Office Manager Heartland Community Church

Lyn takes the time to learn about your style, needs and budget. She brings lots of experience, new ideas, products and options for any room or space redesign.  She brought new suggestions that I never could I have thought of that helped to make a better solution for saving money. I appreciated getting new interior design ideas that I never thought of even.  Lyn was very accommodating to my schedule and my budget.  Lyn did shopping for me and helped provide a vision for each project. I am busy with work and my family, so she helped jumped start my projects.  I would recommend Lyn to anyone who needed design services. Lyn is hands on, can hang artwork for you and come up with solutions for any problem. She did a great job for me. I will continue to use Lyn for future projects.  The kids love the family and dining room redesign!  They could not believe the family room and loved the wall hangings Lyn created!  Jackie S. 

"Lyn was very helpful in assisting with choosing furniture patterns that will compliment your current living style. She was very articulate and shared various options that would work best and even bring out some fun things (patterns) that would blend nicely in the home. She even helped with various options for placement of the furniture so it was not a stagnant look all the time. Thanks Lyn I've enjoyed working with you."  Angela Simpson  



Landscaping Redesign Client Testimonials


"Thank you so much to Lyn for her help with my veggie garden;  it is small but fabulous!  She outlined a small area with brick for a salsa garden and created new beds for bulbs and sunflowers planted by height!  She has wonderful creativity, thoroughness and moves quickly too!"  ~ Loren M.


Lyn opened our creative doors in helping us design our front landscape! Your vision was very inspiring.  The services provided helped to alleviate the stress of our landscaping needs? Even though it was still a stressful project - when isn't landscaping? From measuring to digging to planting !!! But very fun, too :)  We love all of the color! The purples, greens, and reds look great!  We were very pleased with all the help with ideas and forming a vision. We loved the Carl Forrester Grass suggestion. We also loved that Lyn invited us to her house to look at all the inspiration within her own yard.   Paige & Shane


Landscaping is definitely not my thing. But I wanted my flowerbeds to look great. Lyn worked mostly with what I already had. She thinned, transplanted, worked in compost and mulched. With the addition of a few new plants, the space was attractive and inviting. And best of all, her price was very reasonable.  I was able to communicate my priorities for the landscape redesign areas and you were able to formulate a plan to meet those objectives.  I was absolutely comfortable with your knowledge of plants, soils and light conditions.  You were a trooper to stay late to get the project done and your services took all the stress away from having to redesign my landscape!   K. D. – Normal


Lyn listened and responded to our request for low maintenance and still beautiful landscaping. Others have not listened or, perhaps, just didn’t take us at our word that what ever was done to improve the area would be just fine.  We really meant carte blanche!  Lyn helped to reduce our stress about our landscape because she was able to see the finished product while all we could see were the hours we’d need to spend with results that probably would have been similar to what we had, i.e. we probably would have weeded, trimmed and not done anything else.   Your design has had us in the “back forty,” several times, including Mother’s Day when I cut some of the irises to take to my mother – something I had never done before!!  Thanks to you my mother had flowers from our home!!    Cheryl & Bill – Bloomington


Thank you for helping me with redesigning some landscaping in my yard! You are a dear gardening friend!  You brought focus to what my house could be like instead of not taking time to focus on the current state and moving into a future state. One of the best results of the interior redesign that my friends and family liked was the decluttered space.  Jane  M.  

Lyn – you transformed our yard into a place that I am pleased with instead of embarrassed!  Our yard looks good. A neighbor on our street who spends many hours in her beautiful yard noted the improvement and complimented me on your work. which meant a lot to me and should to you too. Your willingness to be as environmental as possible; including recycling plants from your own yard, and your willingness to find a way to meet all my requests.  M.G. – Normal


Thank you so much to Lyn for her help with my veggie garden! It is small but fabulous! And my sunflowers are really coming in nicely! Lyn outlined a small area on the side of my garage for growing a lovely quaint veggie garden. She lined it with brick and it turned out fabuloso! I am not a green thumb so Lyn can take all the credit for any fresh salsa I am able to prepare from this garden! Thank you Lyn! You have wonderful creativity and you are quite thorough and organized! And ya move quickly too! wow!   Loren Marie Martin


Thank you for helping me with rearranging some landscaping in my yard! You are a dear gardening friend!  You brought focus to what my house could be like instead of not taking time to focus on the current state and moving into a future state. One of the best results of the interior redesign that my friends and family liked was the decluttered space.  Jane M. 


"Positive thinking is a choice.  As with the creation of any new habits, the first step is to choose to do it, to commit to and intend to be positive. At first, learning what keeps you in a positive state of mind and remembering to make time to use those tools can be challenging – especially when you’re focused on professional or personal goals that require a lot of your time and energy. Sometimes it’s actually easier to stay stuck in a negative place than to break the cycle, brush yourself off, take a breather and consciously change your state of mind. That’s because we all love our comfort zones, even if they’re bad for us!  Think back to past commitments you have made and kept to yourself. Think about what motivated you and sustained you as you reached your goals. Can you apply some of your strategies and techniques to becoming a positive thinker? Then think about what you need to do to remind yourself to do frequent attitude checks and, if necessary, adjustments. The extensive pay-offs of positive thinking are worth these efforts.  ~ Joe Soltis


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