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Home Staging to Sell

Home Staging is NOT Interior Design!

IF you are looking to put your home up for sale - make sure you do your homework when choosing a professional to assist you present your property in its best light !  Our proven systems have helped numerous clients stage their homes to sell in Bloomington, Normal, and throughout Illinois.



While ‘Interior Design’ suggests costly, large projects with long turn-around times, and inconvenience, Home Staging is:

The art of preparing a home for market to give the best possible first impression, regardless of price, condition or location, to potential buyers.

The creative art of using what you already have to maximize the best features of your home.

It is purposely, thoughtfully, highlighting the features of a home with little investment for a great return! 


The goal in any home staging project is to make your home stand out from others on the market by arranging rooms artfully for maximum visual impact and overall emotional appeal!


What is the difference between staging a home and decorating a home?  

The objective of decorating is to personalize a space, while the goal of staging is to depersonalize it.  

By highlighting a home’s features and staging the rooms, potential buyers are able to envision themselves living there.


Your home may be your largest investment ~ Be INFORMED ~ and trust someone with proven experience.

How you live in your home and how you prepare your home for sale are two different styles!

First impressions really count in the real estate market and the impression a buyer gets when looking through a home is key to whether they can envision themselves living there.

When your home is for sale, it is a product with significant competition.  You will want to set your home apart from the rest – it must be staged properly and be more appealing than other homes in your area!


Potential buyers are looking for a home they can imagine living in…..     

To get top dollar for your home, you need to capture buyers attention immediately and present a positive lasting impression!

Proper staging of your home could mean the difference between selling quickly –  at close to (or even more than) the listed price - or being on the market for too long!


This perspective requires an objective assessment and a willingness to declutter, clean, repair, clean-up and “stage", not just add flower arrangements.


That’s where Fresh Impressions, Ltd. Can assist you!

Most homeowners  (and handymen) can perform the basics of home staging:  

Eliminating clutter, taking away photographs on tabletops, removing knickknacks

Minor repairs

Reorganizing furniture that obstructs flow.  

“Neutralizing”…….and more!


But, these are just a few of the requirements when staging a home.  Remember, what was once the exception has become the standard with people shopping for a home.  Today’s tech-savvy buyers can’t be fooled!  They scrutinize everything! They look inside cupboards, inquire about maintenance and notice the details that you may overlook –


As insured and hands-on experienced Certified Home Staging experts, Fresh Impressions, Ltd. can view your home through a potential buyers’ eyes and develop a plan to enhance that all-important first impression!  We can make dramatic improvements by employing traditional design concepts of color, balance, proportion, and scale… ON TIME and WITHIN YOUR BUDGET!   We have the track record to prove it!


We utilize a tested 72-page property review to document our honest, unbiased assessment of your home.  This detailed summary will provide you with our professional suggestions to help you coordinate a creative, fresh look that highlights your home’s assets!


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