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Redesign to Enjoy

What is "Interior Redesign"?                

Interior Redesign is working with your existing furnishings and accessories… enhance your treasured belongings in a fresh way!


"Redesign" is not a unique approach in decorating……. our Mother’s have been doing it for years! 


What is unique is the interior design approach that you can have an attractive, comfortable, and inviting home without needing to buy new things or spend a fortune, such as numerous interior design theories suggest.



Redesigning isn’t just about cleaning up – it’s about cleaning out, reorganizing and refreshing.....and possibly adding additional items. 

It is the art of transforming your home using the extraordinary and the ordinary items you have accumulated over the years, with our assistance.


Are you bored with your interior design of your Bloomington, Normal or Central Illinois home? 

 How do you feel when you walk in the door? 

 Do you feel overwhelmed?  Tired?  Uninspired?

What can you do to remedy these feelings? 


Enhance your surroundings and redesign your home!


It’s a proven fact that your surroundings have a direct effect on how you feel.  For example, the lack of sunlight in the winter can cause feelings of depression and fatigue.  Similarly your home can actually suffer from poor health too and could actually be causing some of your symptoms of “cabin fever”.  


How could that be possible?  You know how you feel after a day of pampering at the spa?

You feel refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed.


You can also make your home look and feel refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed, all in one day, with a redesign! 


I’m not suggesting to go out and replace the big ticket items in your home or to completely renovate it by making extensive changes……

…..What I am suggesting by “redesign” is to rejuvenate your home using everything you already own!



With a redesign by Fresh Impressions, Ltd. you'll get a balanced, functional and attractive home, usually in just a day, without needing to buy more possessions. That's because we use your existing furnishings and accessories in a fresh new way by applying interior redesign principles, feng shui, creativity, and experimentation.  This is a hassle-free transformation, but the results will amaze you!


Our goal is to create spaces that are balanced and harmonious while reflecting the personalities of the individuals who live there.

We believe that most of us already have most of the necessary elements for a well-designed space. 


But sometimes it can be a real challenge to effectively decorate your home yourself, to know how to arrange your belongings so that the room fees and looks as good as you'd like.   Allow Fresh Impressions, Ltd. to assist you!  We provide interior design / redesign services throughout central Illinois and the Chicago suburbs.


We use our creative talents to rearrange your existing furniture and accessories to create a stunning new look that enhances your personal style -- whatever that is. 


Affordable redesign solutions make the usual look fresh and spectacular…..

Your existing furnishings and accessories are displayed in a fresh new way to create a revitalized space


 – a space all your own!


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