Fresh Impressions Ltd. believes that we are affected by our environments.  We offer Feng Shui consultations, based upon years of personal study and implementation.  Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, can help you to create a Positive Space!   Simplified, Feng Shui principals explain how we are in our relationship to our environment and how energy flows throughout our environments.   We have numerous success stories we would love to share with you.  And, NO - Feng Shui is not a religion.... please feel free to utilize the "Google" search button to do some quick research!
We have been doing a lot of research for our redesign projects and have found so many creative ideas from around the world (we do not take credit for the photos below- just sharing the redesign ideas!) From etching out extra storage space to redesigning a piece of furniture to fit your decor and lifestyle needs.......

We would love to assist you to create a positive space !  


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