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Our Purpose is To Create Positive Spaces for People… ALL Ages & Stages of LIfe !      We provide Interior Design, Interior Decorating, ReDesign & Home Staging services in Bloomington, Normal, Central Illinois and beyond!  

About Fresh Impressions Ltd. 
Fresh Impressions Ltd. - Lyn M. WesthoffOver the past 25 years, Lyn M. Westhoff, Designer / Owner of Fresh Impressions, Ltd.  has lived in major cities around the country, providing Interior design, Redesign and Staging services. Her extensive business background is in administration, project management and marketing, but her passion is to create positive spaces for people through hands-on interior design / redesign services.  Many times she has been referred to as “Positive Polly”… and truly considers that a compliment – because life IS what you make it!  She has always been a creative, frugal, highly-energetic person with a passion for redesigning, rearranging, redoing, renewing, refreshing and decluttering. She believe that Life is stressful enough…… decorating your home shouldn’t be!©


After being mentored by S.C.O.R.E. , studying with the West Coast pioneer of home staging, Lyn incorporated her business in 2006.   Fresh Impressions Ltd. was selected for a personalized class study by Dr. Mark Hoelscher, an Associate Professor of entrepreneurship in the Department of Management and Quantitative Methods in the College of Business at Illinois State University., Normal, Illinois. 

"It has truly been a pleasure to see the transformations in my Clients and their environment – whether it is interior design, redesign, home staging, landscaping or painting, I take great pride in working with clients, not just for them, to create spaces that reflect their individual tastes and needs.  My extensive people skills and my ability to “do whatever it takes” to get the job done are talents / skills that are highly valued in this age of the internet, serving design needs throughout Central Illinois and beyond.

I have achieved the Certified Redesign Specialist and the Certified Staging Specialist though an extensive portfolio submission to Decorate-Redecorate.   As a life-long learner, or what I like to refer to as a “book-aholic”, I have accumulated and digested an extensive library of everything design and redesign.  I also strongly believe that we are affected by our environments and have studied Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese “art of placement”, (NOT A RELIGION as some tend to believe) and incorporate these high-level concepts and principals into my designs.  Many of my projects have included those assisting community organizations with enhancing their environments through color design and implementation, including but not limited to:"

Our experienced project management approach to provide the best customer service possible to each and every one of our clients, taking pride in assisting people with a positive attitude and really listening to what they want…and then delivering more!  

To date, we have assisted over 400 clients - with interior decorating, interior design, redesign, home staging, painting, finish selection, concrete countertop overlays, landscape design / labor and MORE !

So many times we are approached about a project that has more stressors involved.  We pride ourselves on helping others to “de-stress” their interior design / staging / redesign "situations".  Providing respectful and sincerely honest feedback is our forte’. Which brings us to another one of our favorite sayings……Life is expensive enough……decorating your home shouldn’t be!

            We hope to inspire you to Create a Positive Space that's right for you!            We believe that it is imperative to leave the world a better place than how we found it and have incorporated these core values into our Mission Statement to provide professional, quality and creative interior design, redesign, home staging and additional "renewing" services, (such as furniture redesign & refininishing, decorative painting & more!).....on time and within budget for our clients!              

Creatively Yours,

Lyn M. Westhoff
Certified Redesign Specialist
Certified Staging Specialist
Home Enhancement Specialist 
Faithful Organizer Member 
Apprentice Faux Finish / Concrete Overlay Counterops / Painter
Interior Design Consultant - Don Smith Paints
Insured.  Registered Business.



Trusted and Insured.     Registered Business - Incorporated 2006